X USCG & Department of Defense Electrical Systems Contractor.

 The easiest way to see what I do for a living is to visit my blogs >



  My CV , My Information & Technology Blog & My Cooking CV.


 There's a great deal of money in hidden webcams and cameras for many reasons as one would expect. I've certainly had to rig this yacht with features I never thought I'd need living in a Florida beach town.


 Moving on, I'm also an international chef that began at Chart House in 95'. I occasionally do catering for small groups either on yachts or special events.


 Lastly, I run electrical, LAN & WAN construction crews, ISP, OSP, FTTD, Unicams, Fusion splicing, you name it I've done it.


*I guess I did earn this life.


My office when I'm state-side.

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