When you've been around the world a couple of times and you can land in a country that you like, you're very fortunate. I no longer do web design or SEO for money, it's a pleasurable hobby.

Simply cover my time invested and we can both walk away happy. "Don't forget, I love to barter".

...so what brings you to Niko's Toy Box?

Is this your first time considering the advantages of having your own personalized website? Allow me to put your mind at ease, if you can "think" it, Niko's Toy Box can bring that thought to life. 

 This is a new era in web design whereas the only limits are those that you create in your mind.

 When you're satisfied with your design allow us to offer you personalized SEO services, thanks. "Niko J".

            Do you have an event that needs catering?

Care to give it a go?


 Our Paid Resource Line $5.95 per minute

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